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Anya Dasha Masha 36

Dasha is a brilliant mathematician and mathematical genius. In this episode we find out that Masha is gifted too. She is going to enter the University of Mathematics. Dasha calls Masha a "doll" and says she won't come with her to the University because she is studying physics. Masha's father in law is well known mathematician Yakovlev. He is a kind man. Episode 37. A Time for Everything. Nikita comes with his wife Lena to see Masha. They both like her. Masha and Nikita have a big family. Lena likes to make Masha feel loved. As a part of the family, Masha has a younger brother, Vasya, and two little sisters, Sofia and Tatiana. Masha's mother is well known astronomer and paleontologist. The family lives in a big mansion with many rooms. Masha's father goes in his office to write the essay on the definition of matter. Episode 38. The Matrix. The family has one more member, the cat, which lives with them. Father is almost finished with his essay. Unfortunately, he hasn't finished it. Vasya asks him to write it all again. Masha comes to the living room with her brother. It's the time to begin reading the essay for the 6th grade. It's hard for Masha to get to sleep in the new apartment, but her father is a good person. He sleeps next to her. Episode 39. The Power of Time. In the morning Masha doesn't see the time to go to school. Vasya comes and wakes her up. He makes coffee and they get ready for school. Masha gives Vasya the essay that her father wrote. The morning is very nice. Vasya goes to school with Masha. The essay is very interesting, and he knows the author. After school Masha goes to the Physics Lab and takes some notes. Episode 40. In A Long Time to Come. Masha's father has an interesting story for her. The same story as always: about the sun, the stars, galaxies. It's funny because Masha doesn't understand anything. Her mother calls from the school. There's a red car on the lawn. The child is in the car. Is it Masha? Her father thinks it is Masha. Episode 41. Two Minds/The Recruiting Officer. A man visits the family: the chief of the physics laboratory. He is a

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