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How To Transfer Cassette To Mac Using Garageband

Can anyone tell me the easiest (and cheapest way) to import music from cassette to iTunes? I have various cassette players and am happy to purchase additional equipment if necessary.. Finally you probably will record in AIFF format but that takes up space on the computer and you will want to use your application or iTunes to convert to a compressed format.. Headphone socket to microphone/audio-in socket isn't the most elegant but might do.. You then need an application for recording the cassette on the computer, and an application for editing and breaking up the recorded signal into individual tracks.. mov ctbliss Step 1: Set Up Your Equipment To transfer audio from aging cassette tapes to your Mac, you’ll need some basic audio hardware and recording software.. Or, you can team up your Mac Dec 26, 2018 Recording with GarageBand is well described by Apple, e.. g Audio-Technica AT-LP60-USB turntable) and procedures: Import Vinyl LPs to MP3 Using a Mac If you alrea.. g GarageBand for Mac: Before recording audio Here is a video describing equipment (e.. Without details on your exact equipment it is hard to provide details as to what you need.. Here’s what I recommend: Cassette Deck The first thing you’ll need is a cassette deck that can play back your tapes.. How To Transfer Cassette To Mac Using Garageband FreeGarageband For Mac TutorialHow To Transfer Cassette To Mac Using Garageband Windows 10Aug 19, 2016 How to convert analogue music to digital on a Mac.. And cassette tapes being the most popular Record from it using software such as Amadeus Pro or GarageBand.. Any deck with audio-out jacks should work I have some old cassettes with material that I want to keep long term, and would like to transfer them to iTunes and save them digitally.. Oct 07, 2010 Convert your cassette recordings to digital using Garageband, then burn to cd.. Convert your cassette recordings to digital using Garageband, then burn to cd Cassette to Digital.. Audacity is free You may already have Garageband from Apple but I do not so I don't know its exact capabilities.. You will need a connector to transfer the audio out from the cassette player to the computer, which in turn requires your computer have audio-in capability.. All my software is up to date

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